Water Feature Renovations & Repairs

Give a New Life to Your Existing Water Feature

Do you have an existing pond, waterfall or fountain that was built by a “professional” and is now giving you problems? Is your pond leaking or pump not working?

We encounter these issues all the time, and Streamworks has become the expert in pond repair and renovations in the Vancouver area. 

I moved homes and inherited a water feature….

Maybe you just became the owner of an old pond, the pump isn’t working, the water is green with algae and it LEAKS! You now need to decide what to do with the water feature, repair or renovate. Streamworks is here to help. With over 13 years of experience in the Vancouver area, we have seen it all. Take it from us, pond repairs and renovations can be tricky, and its best to do it right the first time. In many circumstances, the bandaid approach is ineffective and will cause more problems down the road. The Streamworks team is committed to helping fix any water feature issues you may have.

Water Feature Renovations



Your existing water feature is leaking or you are unhappy with overall aesthetic. It’s possible that the original designer didn’t build the feature to last. With a rebuild or renovation, you can restore the beauty of your water feature with the confidence that it will last for years. Here’s what we can do:

  • Complete water feature rebuild
  • Leaking Waterfall renovation
  • Leaking pond rebuild
  • Leaking fountain renovtion
  • Removal of exiting water feature
Pond Additons



We always say that an owner will change or rebuild their water feature 3 times, and this is almost always true! An addition can add more beauty to your pond, waterfall or fountain. Here are some additions you can make to your water feature:

  • Waterfall addition to pond
  • Addition of Wetland Filter to pond
  • Make your pond bigger
  • Make your waterfall longer


Looking for more information about your water feature or how to take care of it?

Please visit our Blog page for the latest tips and tricks to owning a water feature. 

Common Water feature issues

  • Green water in pond
  • Green Algae in waterfall
  • Green Algae in Pond
  • Leaking pond
  • Leaking fountain
  • Leaking waterfall
  • Broken pump
  • Fish are dying
  • Water plants are dying