Transform Your Outdoor Space

A water feature will become the focal point of your outdoor space. Capture the essence of nature in any space by adding the sights and sounds of flowing water. Integrate a pond, a waterfall, a swim pond, or a fountain into your landscape and experience the added tranquility.

As Vancouver’s choice for water feature and pond services, Streamworks is committed to helping you love your outdoor space. Through decades of experience, we have mastered the art of building water features and offer clients the expertise they can trust.

Beautify your space today by adding a water element!

Water Feature Cleaning and Maintenance

Sit back, relax and enjoy your water feature. With services such as water feature and pond cleaning, scheduled maintenance , Streamworks Designs is Vancouver’s choice for water feature and pond maintenance. Enjoy your water feature year-round and have peace of mind that your pond is clean and taken care of.

Find out more about full-service pond, and water feature cleaning in Vancouver and the lower mainland!

New Water Features

Design and installation of ponds and water features.

Water Feature Maintenance

Water feature cleaning, scheduled maintenance, service calls.

Water Feature Renovation

Re-define your old water feature, love it again!

What Does a Water Feature Cost?

Every pond, waterfall and fountain is a unique piece of art, capturing the essence of nature and bringing it into your space. But what does a water feature cost? There is a water feature for every budget and every space, big or small, and together we will find the perfect fit.

     Streamworks Designs

Water Feature & Pond Builder Vancouver


Pond Builders Vancouver – Design, build and service exceptional water features, that’s ALL we do…

If you are looking to service, clean or build a pond in Vancouver, you have come to the right place. Since 2007, Streamworks Designs has been Vancouver’s expert water feature builder and pond specialist.

With a specific focus on building and designing ponds, swim ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains, we are committed to providing the highest quality product. We leave rest of the landscaping to other experts.

Streamworks Designs has built and serviced over 500 ponds and water features in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Our team members are highly qualified and trained to industry standards. We promise to provide our customers with high quality service and advice because water features are our passion and its all we do!

Here’s how we can help…

The Streamworks Design Process. 


1: Free Discovery Call

2: Onsite Quote

3: Quote Approval


4: Install Performed

5: Follow-Up Visit

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Create Your Dream Space

Find inspiration from our previous projects! Streamworks Designs is a trusted pond contractor in Vancouver and the lower mainland and has worked with clients on many different forms of projects. From large swim ponds and massive cascading waterfalls, to small fishponds and bubbling fountains, we are committed to building you a “wow” factor water feature. Be prepared to change your space forever.


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  • Everything about the Streamworks business of installing and maintaining water features is really good. A few years ago we had Streamworks install a very large water feature (80k) that included a 100 foot natural stream, a wetland plant filter area and a waterfall into a large pool - all installed at our Sales Center for a future Masterplan City Development. The water feature was meant to mimic a major stream surrounded by lush landscaping designed into the future City park within the Masterplan. The Streamworks guys "hit it out of the park" (so to speak) and installed the water feature on time and on budget and it still looks great and works well! Streamworks does the regular maintenance and it looks like the day it was installed. It's spectacular when visitors walk up to the Sales Center door and experience the soothing, calming noise of water in the stream. It's been a great water feature addition for us, see attached photos.

    bob estey Avatar bob estey
  • Byron and the team (James,Tyler and Jackson) did a fantastic job rejuvenating our existing waterfall. They answered all our questions and accommodated our requests within the established budget. Really friendly crew- on time and left our yard in perfect condition. Would certainly recommend Streamworks to friends/ family.

    David Brandt Avatar David Brandt
  • I have nothing but praise for the people who work for Streamworks. They are professional, punctual, tidy, courteous.... They always exceed my expectation. If only all businesses were like they are....

    Margie Scherk Avatar Margie Scherk
  • Everything from start to finish was an easy process. Marcel promptly provided a quote (my experience is other contractors do not), he had excellent suggestions and put all of my concerns to rest. The team arrived on time as scheduled, they were very professional, welcomed my constant questions and inquiries (yes I tend to micro manage). Four days later (yes 4 days!) they had transferred my soupy green slim of a pond into a beautiful natural looking oasis. I am simply stunned and so are those that have seen it. I had high expectations but this has exceeded anything I could have imagined. If you are thinking of getting a pond then this is your team!

    Eva Theiss Avatar Eva Theiss
  • I had an incredible experience with Streamworks Designs recently! Their staff is super friendly and professional. They took the time to really listen to what I wanted and gave me the perfect waterfall/pond in my backyard. I’ll definitely be recommending Streamworks and Byron's team. If you’re looking for a top-notch water feature experience, look no further than Streamworks. : )

    Iris Windsor Avatar Iris Windsor
  • We saw a pond designed and created by Byron in our neighbourhood. We returned to look at it several times and finally asked the owners for a contact. Although we have had a pond since 2004 we just wanted to have a very natural looking one with all the pumps, filters, lighting etc. completely hidden. The entire team Marcel, Byron, Noah and James are knowledgeable, professional and hard working. But James is also a talented artist with an eye for the exact placement of the 15 tons of rock. Not only did they create a natural looking waterfall and stream, that winds down to a multi level pond, complete with a tunnel and cave where our large koi could hide, but they did it with a smile rain or shine. Our blue stone patio is a well done puzzle. All the pieces are placed perfectly with thyme growing between them. Our garden is truly enchanting with the pond lights illuminating the water fall and fish at night. We are extremely happy with their work and highly recommend Streamworks to anyone wanting a pond or water feature. We look forward to their return in the spring when water plants will be available for them to install. They will also maintain the pond once a year with nothing for us to do but enjoy it.

    janey bennett Avatar janey bennett
  • Was disappointed with the initial work done by Byron and crew but he quickly rectified the issues I needed done. I am happy to report they are an honest company that has pride in their work. I would recommend them to anyone needing a pond cleaned or complete new water feature 🙂

    Vickie Mattimoe Avatar Vickie Mattimoe
  • The Streamworks team worked with me and my husband on an 80k double waterfall feature for our new home. From ideation to execution, the team over-delivered, on budget, and on time. Not to mention they were the kindest crew! Can’t recommend enough!

    Ronan Gunn Avatar Ronan Gunn
  • Streamworks is our go to resource for anything to do with water features. Byron, Marcel and the team do great work and stand behind everything they in stall and upkeep it for us too. Most professional and easy to deal with water feature company I have ever encountered.

    b dc Avatar b dc
  • Great group of guys, answered all my questions I had. Went above and beyond with their customer service.

    Jack JIBB Avatar Jack JIBB